Using Mediation to Improve Communication and Resolve Work Benefit Disputes

Mediation has several distinct advantages for resolving existing work place and commercial disputes which can be helpful for determining weaknesses in existing structures and identifying ways to mitigate conflict risks in the future.  Typically, an employer and employee may reach an impasse over certain benefits and work conditions after good faith negotiations to resolve their dispute.  This is a time to call in an experienced California Labor and Employment Mediator to assist the parties in sorting through their issues and for resolution.  Mediation is cost effective and non- adversarial, unlike costly litigation.

In most cases, mediation allows disputing parties to resolve their conflict quickly with assistance of an experienced mediator and to evaluate and up- date existing processes for handling disputes regarding work conditions and benefits.  In many cases, lack of communication between the parties can be the basis for a dispute that may impact productivity or working environment, which can provide an employer with a window into how easily a work place dispute may arise.

Working with an experienced labor and employment mediator in California can help to improve communication between employees and employers both in the short and long term.  Clarification of rules, procedures, and appropriate responses to problems can set the tone for a more productive and organized workplace.

Unlike litigation, which tends to be adversarial and highlight tension between two parties, mediation provides the forum for effective communication between a disputing employer and employees.  Working together with an experienced labor and employment mediator, parties can identify root causes and develop a plan to address current and future grievances.