Legal Services

If you need legal advice, you will most likely be hiring a lawyer or mediator to begin your legal proceedings. Learn what legal services can the Claude D. Ames Law Offices is an Oakland, California offer you.

If you need legal advice, you will most likely be hiring a lawyer or mediator to begin your legal proceedings. All it takes is making a phone call to set up an initial consultation. Claude D. Ames Law Offices is an Oakland, California law firm whose areas of practice include the following:


Solve your problems without going to the courts. We at the Claude D. Ames Law Office believe that a wide variety of legal problems can be resolved through Mediation instead of litigation. With the help of a neutral third party known as the Mediator, disputes such as real estate, business, contract, divorce, child custody, and other family issues can reach a fair resolution through negotiations. Because mediation does not involve a court of law, it is faster and virtually always less expensive than the standard litigation process.

Allow the expertise of the Claude D. Ames Mediation Attorneys be your advocate and assist you in coming up with most efficient and inexpensive method for resolving a divorce or other disputes. Our mission is to assist and facilitate the disputing parties to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. We provide mediation services throughout Oakland, California. Contact us for initial consultation.

Bankruptcy Law

If you can no longer pay your creditors, you may choose to file for bankruptcy. Get a fresh start – by liquidating assets to pay your debts or by creating a repayment plan. Bankruptcy laws can protect troubled businesses and provide for orderly distributions to business creditors through reorganization or liquidation.

We at the Claude D. Ames Law Offices can provide the legal representation that you need for Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We understand the difference between the two types and we can thoroughly review your financial information and discuss your goals to determine which bankruptcy type is right for you.

Labor and Employment Arbitration

Do you need any legal assistance regarding labor, management, or employment disputes? Instead of going through the courts, why not let an Arbitrator help you resolve the matter. Labor or employment arbitration is a form of negotiation process headed by an impartial third party to get agreements between management and labor over wages, benefits, work conditions, or other labor affairs. It aims to arrive at a consensus that can help to address a grievance or a contract dispute, or simply assist in the alteration of an ongoing labor contract. This is a better option in place of court intervention since Arbitration generally takes less time and is a more cost-effective route even if outside legal advice is necessary.

The attorneys at the Claude D. Ames Law Offices strive to obtain the best possible results for each of our labor and employment law clients. We put have dedicated ourselves to make workplaces in Oakland, California fairer work environments.

Commercial Arbitration

Are you involved in a business dispute but would like to avoid lengthy court battles? Then let the Claude D. Ames Law Offices help you resolve the problems through Commercial Arbitration. This is a means of resolving business disputes between two or more parties outside of a formal court system. Typically, each party is represented by an arbitration lawyer, who presents the company’s side of the case to the arbitrator. An arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators usually serves as both judge and jury. After reviewing all of the evidence, the arbitrator renders a decision in the case. Over the years, the experiences of our lawyers at Claude D. Ames Law Offices have allowed us efficiently represent our clients’ interest while attempting to prevent future litigation.