How Can I Be Sure That My Labor and Employment Arbitrator is Ethical?

Alongside mediation, arbitration has become very popular as a way to deal effectively with employment law conflicts.  Even so, a party preparing for arbitration might be concerned about the neutral individual handing down a binding decision in the case.

Although an arbitrator is different from a judge, the marketplace for arbitration has helped to promote only those individuals who engage in the process ethically.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  The first is that parties are free to jointly choose any arbitrator and one who is unethical or who has developed a bad reputation is likely to be weeded out early on in exchange for those individuals with solid experience and references.

The employment arbitration process is also quite transparent, which is the second factor that lends itself to a marketplace with ethical arbitrators committed to hearing the facts the case and rendering a fair opinion.  Since there are no formal barriers to entry in the field of employment arbitration, many people may attempt to enter the field.  What this means for those involved in an employment dispute is that the supply will always outstrip the demand, leaving you poised with a range of qualified arbitrators for your case.

Finally, an experienced employment arbitrator will have a reputation in the field among lawyers who specialize in employment law.  Someone who hands down unfair or unreasonable decisions will quickly gain a reputation for doing so.  An experienced professional who has expertise in employment issues will likely be a big asset for you, because he or she will have already presided over similar cases.  In such a competitive marketplace, you can feel quite confident about selecting an arbitrator with a commitment to ethics.