We have provided the answers to most common questions about mediation, arbitration, bankruptcy, etc. Click here to visit our FAQs.

Q: What is the difference between Arbitration and Mediation?

A: Arbitration is typically legally binding, whereas Mediation is simply a third-party negotiator. Both are very effective when it comes to conflict resolution.

Q: Are there different forms of Arbitration?

A: YES! Arbitration can either be binding or non-binding. A binding Arbitration cannot be appealed, and is legally sound. A non-binding Arbitration can be appealed and takes recommendations into consideration.

Q: What is Mediation?

A: Mediation is the process of hiring a third party person to help with conflict resolution. It is legally non-binding and has less legal fees than the litigation process. Many people choose mediation because of the convenience and efficiency of the conflict resolution.

Q: Will my Mediation or Arbitration be a public record?

A: NO! Mediation and Arbitration procedures are kept completely private. That is one of the many perks of choosing this type of conflict resolution.

Q: What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A: Chapter 7 bankruptcy is typically called ‘liquidation bankruptcy’. It is the process of liquidating your assets, and relieving yourself of debt. It typically takes around 6 months.

Q: What is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

A: Chapter 11 bankruptcy is mainly used for businesses. It is the process of achieving a flexible payment plan in order to repay the debts that have been incurred.

Q: What is arbitration?

A: Arbitration is a form of conflict resolution by a third-party source. Typically the decision found by the arbitrators is one that is legally binding and will hold up in court. Arbitration is a private endeavor that is cost conscious and quick.