Using Mediation to Improve Communication and Resolve Work Benefit Disputes

Mediation has several distinct advantages for resolving existing work place and commercial disputes which can be helpful for determining weaknesses in existing structures and identifying ways to mitigate conflict risks in the future.  Typically, an employer and employee may reach an impasse over certain benefits and work conditions after good faith negotiations to resolve their dispute.  This is a time to call in an experienced California Labor and Employment Mediator to assist the parties in sorting through their issues and for resolution.  Mediation is cost effective and non- adversarial, unlike costly litigation. [Read more…]

The Importance of Pre-Mediation Negotiation

One of the most important things that parties involved in mediation can do is to have adequate pre-mediation negotiation.  By having open negotiation even before mediation takes place, the parties will have a better idea as to what the strengths and weaknesses of the other side’s case is and a better understanding of the expectations they have when it comes to settling their case.

When the parties come to an agreement to mediate their dispute, it is really only the first step in beginning the mediation. [Read more…]

Five Reasons Why Mediation Should Be Offered in the Workplace

Mediation works very well for cases involving employment issues for a number of reasons such as savings in cost and time, maintenance of the employment relationship, confidentiality, improvement in the management functionality of your business and better morale among employees.

1.  Savings

Mediation often takes much less time than bringing a legal dispute before a court.  [Read more…]