Is Employment Mediation More Predictable Than Litigation?

One of the biggest unknowns in a workplace dispute litigated case has to do with the outcome.  There are many factors that could influence the outcome of work benefits or work conditions conflict, and it’s nearly impossible to predict how the case will end at the outset.  The case in which the court is heard, the attorney representing the other party, and the judge presiding over the case can all have a significant influence on the outcome. [Read more…]

Should Your Employee Dispute Go To Mediation?

Whether you are the employer or the employee, nobody wants to deal with a workplace employee dispute.  If both parties are still working together, ongoing litigation tends to highlight tension and make everyday life more difficult.  If the court located in your area is extremely busy, it could take months to resolve an employee dispute that could have seen a swift end in mediation.  In litigation, it can seem like your case just drags on endlessly, with hearings that only allow you to discuss a handful of issues at a time.  Rather than focusing on your job or your life, you are stuck in court, dealing with a very expensive case. [Read more…]