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Bankruptcy Law Mediation

If you’re facing a bankruptcy, it can feel completely overwhelming and frustrating to proceed through the typical legal process.  Unfortunately, litigation is known for lengthy scheduling delays, costly expenses for attorney time and energy, and the emotional drain associated with going through court.  Thankfully, there are other options through what’s known as alternative dispute resolution.  Mediation has a history of being extremely successful in the field of bankruptcy. [Read more…]

What’s Involved In Labor Management Dispute Resolution?

With disputes in the arena of labor management, it’s unlikely that either party wants to proceed with traditional litigation.  Going through a lawsuit is physically and mentally taxing, and the problems with scheduling can lead to delays within a case for months and months, leaving neither side with a solution until well after the matter was filed.  Another downside to labor management lawsuits is that the provide a very public forum for the sharing of information that employers or employees might prefer to keep quiet.  For these reasons, alternative forms of dispute resolution provide many opportunities for carrying out and closing labor management disputes. [Read more…]