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What is Employment Arbitration?

Employment arbitration is typically used within the work force.  It can be requested by either an employer or an employee.

Occasionally an employee will request an arbitrator to review benefits, or if they feel that the employer has breached a contract they will seek out an arbitrator.  Alternatively, an employer may seek out an arbitrator if they are making a controversial demotion.  There are many reasons why workers seek arbitration. [Read more…]

Need Help Negotiating? Hire a Mediator!

Do you live in California and are having issues related to your business relationships?  Are you interested in resolving these issues without severing partnerships and potential future business?  If so, finding a mediator in California may be the thing you need.

A mediator is a neutral party that will help two people (or companies) come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial.  The main difference between an mediator and an arbitrator is that an arbitrator’s decision is typically legally binding, however a mediator’s is not. [Read more…]

Arbitration – A third party helper

Arbitration is a legal term that refers to the handling of a dispute.  When two sides of a party cannot come to a decision on their own they may hire an arbitrator, or they may be forced to hire one.  An arbitrator’s job is to come up with an agreement that will be fair to both parties.  Whatever the arbitrator decides is legally binding.

This process of arbitration is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, and has many benefits.  [Read more…]

The Many Numbers of Bankruptcy

We hear it all the time in the news: ‘Company XXX filed for Bankruptcy’- but what does that all mean?  More importantly, what do all the numbers in front of this statement mean?  Well, to start, bankruptcy is the process that allows for consumers or businesses to eliminate or repay their debts.  When a company feels that they are so in debt that they cannot meet their current payment plans, they may file for bankruptcy.

That seems easy enough, however now you have to throw the different types and numbers into the equation. [Read more…]